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anderson hospital pavilion for women               IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO DELIVER YOUR BABY AT ANDERSON HOSPTIAL, YOU MUST SCHEDULE A PRE-ADMISSION INTERVIEW WITH THE OB NURSE If you are planning to deliver your baby at Anderson Hospital, you must schedule a Pre-admission interview with the OB nurse. The epidural information will be covered at that time. This needs to be done when you are 36 weeks pregnant. You will need to call the Pavilion for Women and schedule that appointment when you are 32 weeks pregnant. I AM HAVING A C-SECTION---DO I NEED TO BE PRE-ADMITTED? Yes, we will have you sign all the permits for your surgery. We will also need to interview you before you come to have your baby. I’VE HAD A BABY AT ANDERSON FEFORE---DON’T YOU HAVE ALL MY INFORMATION? We do have some of the necessary information, but each time you deliver with us, we must get updated history from you and have you sign consents for this delivery. Each pregnancy is a new admission and the pre-admission needs to be done each time. I SENT ALL MY PRE-REGISTRATION INFORMATION IN BY MAIL---ISN’T THAT MY PRE-ADMISSION? No. Admitting needs that information and you still need to be interviewed by the OB nurse. I DON’T WANT AN EPIDURAL---WHY DO IN NEED THE EPIDURAL CONSULT? We like to offer that to you for your labor and delivery, but even if you don’t plan on an epidural for your labor, the rest of the interview still needs to be done. PLEASE CALL DURING YOUR 32ND WEEK TO SCHDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT FOR YOUR 36TH WEEK. WE CAN BE REACHED AT 618.288.5711 EST. 5465. Thank you. Anderson Pavilion for Women staff.

Contact Information

Pre-Admission Nurse          618-391-5980 Pre-Admission interview and epidural counseling appointment  618-391-5980 If you are on your way to the hospital for delivery 618-391-5980 Obsterical Nursing Director 618-391-5981 Childbirth Education Staff  618-391-5983 Lactation Consultant 618-391-6057  
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